USCA and the legacy of assault

College life can be difficult with all the work students are given. However, when a bad professor enters the mix, the entire experience becomes a nightmare. Many of you have heard the story of my daughter’s sexual assault and denial of ADA Accommodations from the Fall of 2021 semester. That issue was never fully resolved … Read more

How not to be a good parent to a transgender child

There was an article referred to me by a concerned conservative Christian who believed I might have an insight into the very damaging behavior revealed. After reading this article entitled “What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy” by the “author” Charlie Jacobs (a pen name), I believe the person who wrote this … Read more

Raspberry Pi, Direwolf, Digipeater, Igate, Soundcard version

This is copied and adapted from who did a great job of putting this together. What hardware you will need: Raspberry Pi computer (Older models also work well) A MicroSD card (Any Class10 card should work) This Raspberry Pi kit (Includes power supply, case, heatsinks, fan) Cheap USB soundcard Baofeng handheld transceiver (I used … Read more

Hospital and sexism

I hate to write blogs like this one. But sometimes I have no other idea of what to do to effect change. My wife works for a local teaching hospital. She has worked there since 2003 and for the most part, she has enjoyed working for them. Over the past year or two, things have … Read more

Issues with OpenDKIM

I spent the better part of two days trying everything under the sun to get OpenDKIM to work on our server. Finally found the solution. No matter what I changed, OpenDKIM would not listen on port 8891. Finally, I discovered that in the opendkim.service file it was not loading it to 8891, but to a … Read more