USCA and the legacy of assault

College life can be difficult with all the work students are given. However, when a bad professor enters the mix, the entire experience becomes a nightmare. Many of you have heard the story of my daughter’s sexual assault and denial of ADA Accommodations from the Fall of 2021 semester. That issue was never fully resolved … Read more

Raspberry Pi, Direwolf, Digipeater, Igate, Soundcard version

This is copied and adapted from who did a great job of putting this together. What hardware you will need: Raspberry Pi computer (Older models also work well) A MicroSD card (Any Class10 card should work) This Raspberry Pi kit (Includes power supply, case, heatsinks, fan) Cheap USB soundcard Baofeng handheld transceiver (I used … Read more

Hospital and sexism

I hate to write blogs like this one. But sometimes I have no other idea of what to do to effect change. My wife works for a local teaching hospital. She has worked there since 2003 and for the most part, she has enjoyed working for them. Over the past year or two, things have … Read more